Martin Frid

Painter, Art Historian, Photographer
Born in Sweden 1979

Intets Härolder I
Oil on pinewood

Intets Härolder II
Oil on pinewood
Intets Härolder III
Oil on pinewood
Each measures about 30x19x5 cm
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Shadow of Hefaistos (played by Sugimoto Yu), Shigaraki 2013 Tokkuri by Iga potter Tanimoto Yoh, guinomi by Martin Frid Anagama firing in Shigaraki 2013

Black soot rise as cherry blossoms fall
Learning about Shigaraki and Iga pottery, initiated 2012
On site interviews during practical apprenticeship, in order to accumulate material for an Art History thesis
Economically supported by Japanstiftelsen


2005-2010, oil on – and off – canvas, 46 X 64 cm
Layer upon layer of failures; excavated in search of the primeval, iconic image

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F. Kr. – Före Kristus
Black metal

New material, to be recorded in 2014, will eventually be uploaded

… med klubbe! Photographed in Kuttainen 2013

Meditation on asymmetry, 2010,
pen on paper, 58 X 58 cm

Hunting scene, 2011-2014,
pen on paper, 26 X 37 cm

Works by Sawa Kiyotsugu and Fujioka Shuhei among others

Exhibition poster Edo period statuettes, uzukumaru hanaike by Totaku, Kannon image carved in domaiboku wood

Ethnographical exhibition at Mjölby bibliotek, 2013
Traditional Japanese craft artifacts, mainly pottery, accompanied by text and photography
Economically supported by Folkuniversitetet
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